Nielsen Marine is a Scandinavian trading- and service company within the Marine industry. Since 2009 we have bin the official exclusively agent for:

NORIS Automation GmbH
H+H Engineering & Service GmbH

Our focus is the propulsion system of the vessel. We are an expert propellers, thrusters, CPP and FPP shaft line systems, gears and other components of the “drive train” of a vessel. In combination with this, we can also provide the Remote-control system, as well as the alarm and monitoring system. This brings the complete vessel in a safe operation.

We operate in the Scandinavian market that is; Denmark, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland.

On a day to day business we are servicing the ship owners, the shipyards and the naval architects with support in their marine business. Together with our customers, we find suitable and long-lasting solutions for ship owners that we serve.

We operate 24/7/365, and look forward to assisting you in any of the above tasks you might have a need for.